Taylor stops singing in the middle of Sparks Fly to pull a child out of the audience (x)

“The world doesn’t owe you anything. You have to work for everything you get and you have to appreciate every bit of success the world gives you.” ― Taylor Swift

I think there are lessons I’ve come to learn in retrospect, like not taking for granted the really small shows, which weren’t even my shows—just my turn to sing karaoke. Now I’m looking into a big crowd of people and I’m able to appreciate [those times] so much. You have to find balance between being in the moment and getting to where you want to be. You’ve got to appreciate where you are when you’re there.

Heading to Locanda Verde Restaurant in New York (03/28/14)
 taylor swift candids, more like taylor swift walking down a runway


today i heard 2 kids talking about buying fake IDs after school and so i started eavesdropping cuz u know thats big kid stuff and then one was like “yeah but is all this really worth it like im pretty sure the fake IDs cost more than the fish we r gonna buy”

to buy fish at petco u have to be 18 or older

they were going to get fakes to buy fish

friend who lives hundreds of miles away: i made food
me: can i have some


so overnight you look like a sixties queen


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